Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about your Garz & Fricke device? Here we have the most asked questions listed on this page and of course also answered. If you have a specific question, then simply contact our support via our contact form - they will gladly help you there.

After Sales Service

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  • How do I submit a support request?

    The best way to contact us is to use the contact form.

    If you have a software problem, please read the manual and the release note first. These can be found on the specific product page in the product directory under Many common user questions are already answered in our documentation. In case of a question please describe your issue as detailed as possible. If it is a simple question, please state exactly what you are attempting to do. Provide also the article number, serial number and the exact version of the operation system you use. Any error message would be also very helpful to solve the problem. Whenever possible, we are looking for specific examples of the obstacles you’re running into. Just give us a starting point for our troubleshooting. We will answer your request as soon as possible. If you have any screen shot for us, you can send it to us later after our first respond.

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Embedded solutions

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  • How to disable the QT GuF demo application on Yocto-Rocko?

    After system startup, a Qt-based test application will appear on the screen by default to demonstrate the function of the device. With little effort, this application can be disabled.

    After starting the system and logging in, enter the following command in the Linux console:

    $ update-rc.d -f qt-guf-demo remove

    The following message appears on the screen:

    update-rc.d: /etc/init.d/qt-guf-demo exists during rc.d purge (continuing) Removing any system startup links for qt-guf-demo ...

    After the next system start, the demo application will not start anymore.

    You will find more details regarding this issue in the software manual.

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  • Where can I find How To videos on the website?

    In regular intervals new videos on different topics are made available on the Garz & Ficke website. Among others, software how-to videos can be found there. If you want quickly get an overview of how software can be installed on the HMIs or how the different installed systems work, you should not miss the videos.

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  • What options are available to perform an OS update?

    An OS update can be performed in the following ways:

    Download the update files from our website and install it via FTP or USB stick on the HMI device. System start in Flash-N-Go. It will then simply run the SH installation script under Flash-N-Go. The exact description can be found in the manual.

    Update via the Flash-N-Go USB update stick supplied by Garz & Fricke. After inserting the stick and restarting, an update program will be started. The available update files are displayed and can be installed over the Internet.

    Download the update files via CURL command. First, start the system in Flash-N-Go. Then executes the CURL command from the Linux console on the device. Detailed instructions are described in the following FAQ: "How to perform a system update over the Internet?

    You will also find videos with further update possibilities in our Garz & Fricke YouTube Channel.

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  • How can a system update be done via the internet?

    Garz & Fricke usually offers several operating system versions for different devices, which are also regularly updated. These OS versions can be installed as a complete image over the Internet on the devices.

    First of all, the device must be connected to the Internet via the network. Then switch to the Flash-N-Go system with the following console commands:

    $ bootselect alternative
    $ reboot

    The device then boots into Flash-N-Go System and the corresponding boot logo appears on the screen. Activate DHCP via the following command:

    $ sconfig dhcp on

    Now the desired image can be downloaded via the internet. The following example refers to a Yocto Rocko image for a Santaro device.

    $ udhcpc; export TFTP=;
    curl ${TFTP}/ | sh

    You can first enter the following path in the web browser: “” and then continue to complete the path through the device up to the folder “/prebuild_images”. After the expression “curl $ {TFTP}/” enter the name of the corresponding SH-Scrip and the expression " | sh ". The script can be found in the folder “/prebuild_images”. The installation process takes a little time. During the installation, the individual commands are constantly output on the console.

    Finally, the regular OS is activated via the following commands and the device starts with the new operating system.

    $ bootselect regular
    $ reboot

    You will also find videos with further update possibilities in our Garz & Fricke YouTube Channel.

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  • Setup and operation of a QML application on your Garz & Fricke HMI

    The manual contains detailed instructions on what steps are necessary to install your own QT application on the HMI. It is important that in addition to the installation of the QT Creator on the Linux development computer the appropriate SDK is installed.

    A very detailed installation video can be found on our website. It also describes how to set up the QT Creator so that all resources and paths are right:

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  • Who are the members of the Garz & Fricke Group?

    The group includes the system provider Garz & Fricke, the processor module specialist Keith & Koep and the application developer e-GITS. Within this context, Garz & Fricke caters to its customers as a system provider for turnkey HMIs, SBCs and payment system solutions. Keith & Koep complements the portfolio as one of the leading suppliers in the fields of electronics development, system integration and the manufacturing of complex electronic products. e-GITS supplements this by customized cross platform applications and software development.

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  • What services can I expect from Garz & Fricke?

    We make it yours: Our strength lies in the individual adaptation of existing modular HMI solutions to your specific needs. We accompany and advise you as a development partner and system supplier along the entire product life cycle, from the idea to development to series production and product maintenance. Our high-quality HMI solutions are based on current and proven electronic components together with Linux operating system. In addition, we offer solutions and services around tailored software modules and payment systems.

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  • Which products are already approved by UL as recognized component?

    The current listing is available in the online database UL Product iQ under Garz & Fricke's File Number E344353. If you find it difficult to access the UL database, our sales team will be happy to help.

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  • How can Garz & Fricke help me with the UL approval of my end-device?

    We can provide you with the required technical documentation for the integrated Garz & Fricke product. If there is any part declared as UL critical component we take this into account during mass production and ongoing product maintenance for this specific product.

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  • Can I get a customized product?

    The products displayed on the website are our "Proven Concepts". They are based on components that have already proven themselves many times on the market in our customers' applications. These components are optimally tuned to keep your life as easy as possible.

    True to our motto "we make it yours", we transform our Proven Concept into your very own solution, subject to certain parameters. We are happy to explain in a personal conversation the possibilities of unique customization options, also taking into account logistic and economic aspects.

    Roughly speaking, it can be assumed that a modification becomes commercially interesting from an annual purchase quantity of 500 to 1.000 units and depends pretty much on the supply chain. Whereas our Proven Concepts are available in lower quantities.

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  • What is a Single Board Computer?

    A Single Board Computer (SBC) is a computer in which all components (e.g. processor (CPU), memory, communication interfaces and power supply) have been combined on one circuit board.

    In the industrial segment, SBC are mainly used in measurement and control technology. Meanwhile, Single Board Computer can be found in numerous devices such as coffee machines, automotive applications and heating systems.

    There is a difference between solutions developed for the consumer market, such as the Raspberry Pi, and Single Board Computer developed for industrial applications, such as the products of Garz & Fricke.

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  • Which components does a Garz & Fricke HMI consist of?

    We offer you ready-to-use systems with display, touch screen, operating system (e.g. Linux) and housing or, if desired, a solution adapted to your requirements.

    Our HMIs have all common interfaces to connect to the control system (e.g. I/O modules) of the customer's device.

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  • How can Garz & Fricke HMIs be integrated into customer projects?

    Garz & Fricke offers different integration solutions (mounting options):

    • Rear Mount HMI (open frame)
    • Panel Mount HMI (boxed)
    • Flush Mount HMI
    • Wall Mount HMI

    An animation of the different solutions can be found at

    In addition, Garz & Fricke and its experienced design team can also provide customized mounting solutions if required.

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  • What is an HMI and what does Garz & Fricke deliver under this term?

    A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a user interface or control unit that allows people to interact with a machine, system or device. While the term can technically be applied to any possibility that enables a user to interact with a device, the term HMI is often used with regards to an embedded touch panel, consisting of a display, touch screen and a computer unit.

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  • Where can I find engineering information on Garz & Fricke products?

    Step files 3D are available for download in the download area of the respective product in the product database under In the manual you will find a technical drawing of the device in the appendix (Annex A). In the data sheet shows a drawing of the outer dimensions of the device.

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  • Where can I find technical information and instructions for Garz & Fricke products?

    We provide comprehensive information in the download area of the respective product page in the product database under In addition, you can find the latest software versions here in the software area.

    For our HMIs we usually offer a step file for the exchange of 3D product model data. This makes it easier for you to integrate our HMIs into your device. In the data sheet we have summarized the features of the product. The manual provides detailed product information from the block diagram to the description of commissioning and interfaces to safety instructions. The Quickguide contains information on the Starter Kit, which is often requested by our customers during the development phase of their devices. Among other things, you can test how your application looks on our touch panel HMIs and try out the interfaces.

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