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Our idea is to use proven concepts, or platforms, and add customization or increased complexity from there.

Flexible designs enable us to provide endless solutions, all while avoiding new product development pitfalls and long times to market.

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How we make it yours

Garz & Fricke offers a huge bundle of services, off the shelf platforms and highly professional adaptation and individualization capabilities!

So how does that all come together? Start with your ideas and goals and we will help you see it through to a breathtaking result.

Mobile Therapy Unit

Your Concept

We can start working with you at every step of your product development cycle. If you just have a rough idea of what your machine will look like, we will show you which one of our proven example could be a good fit.

You already have detailed specifications? Our proven concepts guarantee quick time to market, but just about everything can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Looking to replace the touch screen HMI in your existing product line? We will find a solution that is a much improved drop-in replacement.

No matter what your concept is, we will make it yours!

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Medical device


We will work with you from the start and throughout your full product life cycle to find a solution that fits your ideas, budget and potential constraints. All throughout the project our dedicated, local solutions engineering team will work directly with your engineers. Our long experience in project management and strong commitment to serving markets locally will benefit you greatly.

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Proven concept products

Proven Concept Products

Our products are to be seen as customizable proven concepts, based on components that have already proven themselves many times on the market in our customers' applications. These components are optimally tuned to keep your life as easy as possible. True to our motto "we make it yours", we transform our Proven Concept into your very own solution. Relying on our proven concepts also means that we manage obsolescence and ensure availability of your HMI throughout your life cycle.

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Mechnical adaption

Mechanical Adaption

Understanding that championing in Hardware and Software Development is not enough to create the perfect touch screen HMI sets us apart. We have our own mechanical design team that works closely with you to ensure seamless integration into your device as well as cost-efficient manufacturability and serviceability.

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Hardware Adaption

We can adapt our Garz & Fricke single board computers to your requirements. Our focus is on the 32-bit ARM CPUs from NXP, especially i.mx6 and i.mx8. As a long-standing Freescale/NXP partner, we can offer optimal support. Our customizable hardware platforms allow very simple and quick adaptions to make sure we provide you with exactly the interfaces you need without reinventing the wheel.

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Software Adaption

We relieve you from the integration bootloader and operating system. We supply complete, "application-ready" platforms with ready-to-run pre-integrated operating systems, including the required peripheral drivers. As a result, your team will not be busy with the tedious work of creating a board support package. Further we can do full UI/UX application development for you as well or work with your teams to make sure your applications run well.

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Product Design

As a company we have a strong engineering background, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about product design. In many projects we are working closely with industrial designers to create an overall appealing product. We believe working alongside your designers is a big part of making it yours!

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Serial Production

Serial production for us starts with sourcing. We buy almost all parts directly from manufacturers and have our own sourcing offices in the relevant markets to ensure best prices and highest supplier quality. We pride ourselves in an exceptionally high vertical integration of manufacturing. Assembly of both PCBA as well as touch screen HMI is done in house in Hamburg, Germany.

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Your Result

As a result of working with Garz & Fricke you will buy a product of superior quality and with the best value for money. Also you will have a partner at your side throughout your product life cycle and beyond. Our goal is a long term relationship with our partners that is at all times mutually beneficial.

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Our Proven Examples

Innovation takes many forms. If you're having trouble envisioning how our products seamlessly meet your products, have a look at some examples of limitless integration strategies.

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Portable Medical Device

"The constructive collaboration at the beginning proved itself to be very fruitful, offering great benefits. Garz & Fricke pointed out potential difficulties to us, which could in turn be overcome right away." - Holger Panier, Developer, Cognimed

The Curasul Mobile Therapy Unit demanded a small, power-conscious HMI with a high quality display. As a portable medical device used for negative pressure wound therapy, it required a 24 hour operation time. Garz & Fricke rose to the challenge and developed highly attuned "Standby" and "Deep Sleep" mode architectures to exceed the goals of CogniMed and BSN Medical.

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Laboratory device
Laboratory Device Touchscreen

"They delivered the Yocto already perfectly adapted to the board and the functions. WE did not need to learn how to create and convert certain functions first. Instead, there are tools that take care of this for us." - Dirk Hebel, Product Manager, INFORS HT

Three separate teams collaborated to create this bioreactor, a device used to grow organisms on a small scale. The HMI touchscreen needed to accommodate gloved hands required by the laboratory environment, which Garz & Fricke customized via their proprietary touch controller. Garz & Fricke also aided in GUI development with Qt Quick 2, which provides an intuitive software package that allows easy end-user control.

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Charging station
Challenging Environments

"We were looking for a display together with a control computer to meet our demands in terms of robustness when facing the weather, heat, and even rough treatment. It wasn't easy, and many companies were quickly ruled out because they were unable to offer sufficient protection for the display and the electronics. Not until we found Garz & Fricke did we have a supplier able to meet all our wishes." - Nadine Hofmann, Managing Director, Leipziger Leuchten

An innovative Smart City project, this project had the ambitious goal of converting a lamp post into a charging station for electric cars. Because the device would be outdoors, the HMI touchscreen had to be both weatherproof and vandal proof with modern functionality like WiFi and video. The all-in-one, proven concept SantinoLT (i.mx6 processor from NXP) with a 5" screen was chosen with fantastic results.

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Human machine interface
Retrofitting Displays

“We watch the complex market for electrical components closely and make sure to be ahead of the game.” – Dr. Arne Dethlefs, CEO, Garz & Fricke Inc.

When an old screen became obsolete, a manufacturer of climate-controlled cabinets had to find a drop-in solution for the old device. Garz & Fricke offered a plug and play solution based on one of our proven concepts Santino 7.0, which, with some slight modifications, made the device compliant with Industry 4.0. Garz & Fricke can guarantee long term availability of HMIs and components thanks to product life cycle and obsolescence management.

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