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About Garz & Fricke Inc.

Our team is made up of multiple disciplines all dedicated to giving your product the best interface imaginable. Future-focused, friendly, and fun, we’ll guide you on your touchscreen interface journey in a stress-free fashion.

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Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1992, Garz & Fricke has been creating high quality electronic devices over the course of 3 decades. To this day we still design and manufacture in Germany, with nearly everything done in-house. This vertical integration has allowed us to control production, elevate industry standards, provide custom solutions, and provide world-class after sales support.

We’ve been an international Embedded Systems and electronics market leader for 28 years, but in 2019 we committed to our North American customers and partners by putting down roots in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Equidistant between both coasts and with a bustling medical device market, this Lakeland headquarters gave us the opportunity to serve our customers anytime, anywhere.

  • Embedded Systems

    Most widely known for our ARM-based, seamlessly integrated HMI systems, we develop several readily available platforms for the Medical Device, Professional Kitchen Equipment, and Vending markets. This can be something as simple as an open frame, off-the-shelf, 5” touchscreen HMI to an enormous 32” PCAP wonder with custom glass, hardware, and brand themed printing. Simple or custom, our engineering team can get you wherever you need to go.

  • Full Software Solutions

    If you don’t want to dedicate your staff and precious time to software development, Garz & Fricke’s software solutions team can make your vision a reality. GUI development (UI & UX), custom or specialized Firmware, Qt, Linux, Android, and even Windows are all under our software umbrella. If you don’t need development solutions, our team is also dedicated to software support as well, ensuring your project goes smoothly regardless of work structure.

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Dr. Arne Dethlefs
“Creating solutions is more about bringing people and companies together and finding the right way for customers instead of just spelling out specifications.“
Dr. Arne Dethlefs, CEO, Garz & Fricke Inc.

Our Proven Concepts

The launching pad for your project. Which category best fits your story? Check out all of our offerings here, then let us know how we can help make it yours.

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Touch screen HMI
Touch screen HMI

Based on the installation style you need, we have designed proven concept touch screen HMIs including our turnkey pre-integrated embedded single board computer systems.

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Single board computer
Single board computers

The use of our turnkey pre-integrated embedded single board computer systems minimizes development risks and saves time, money and headaches.

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